Mother of eleven children from eight different fathers, “Phi” affirms, she doesn’t care about the way others look at her unconventional family. On TikTok, the one who frequently publishes videos of her daily life, is bombarded with questions about her children.

Indeed, her more than 100,000 subscribers are always eager to know how she manages such siblings alone, in particular by having eight different men for fathers. Recently, one of his videos went viral.

Amazing calculations

In August 2022, Phi declared on her TikTok account, that there were even advantages to having so many men gravitating around her and her children. “Let me explain,” she said in her video. “If you have one and you take one away, you have zero. But if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five,” she continued. “If I had only one dad for my children and he left or died, my children would be fatherless,” she commented. “But if I have eight and three have to leave or die, my children always have five fathers,” she analyzed.

Annoying behavior

In his videos, however, Phi preserves his children refusing to reveal their first names or their ages. However, many subscribers were unimpressed by the calculation of the young woman and especially mentioned her behavior with men, not hesitating to strongly criticize her in the comments. “The only thing I learned here is that a control should be applied at a certain time like here where there is clearly a problem” was offended by one person. “Once is a mistake. Twice is a choice. Afterwards, it’s a habit,” said another. “For the love of God, stop breeding!! asked a third person.

Reach 30 children

Phi, not letting himself be disheartened, said, in response, “I want to have another 19 so that I can reach the number of 30”. Better still, she joked that she found fathers on classified ad sites. “I usually like to post on Facebook or Marketplace… or if I see an empty bulletin board, I post an ad on it,” she wrote. Beyond the jokes, the mother seems to have a good relationship with the majority of the fathers of her children. Indeed, in another video, she shared photos of the fathers, even revealing, for some, their accounts on social networks.

TESTIMONY I have 11 children with 8 different men and I'm not ashamed of it


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