“You choose your friends, you don’t choose your family”, says the proverb. A reality experienced by some people, who, despite all the best will in the world, are forced to realize that they do not necessarily like these individuals with whom they share DNA. This is particularly the case of a grandmother in Colorado, who has a hard time bonding with her 16-year-old grandson. Alarmed by her situation, she spoke in the pages of the New York Post about it. “I must be the worst grandmother in the world because I don’t love my grandson,” she begins. “He is 16 years old, he is rude, disrespectful, has no manners and his hygiene is almost non-existent.” Faced with this sad observation, the grandmother from Colorado tried to talk about it with the parents of the teenager, in vain. “When I bring up the problem with my son, he replies: ‘I’m working on it!’. As for my daughter-in-law, she refuses to discuss it and turns on her heels every time”, she explains.

To make matters worse, grandmother and grandson do not live next door, their reunion is rather rare. “We live in different states, so I don’t have a lot of interaction with the boy. And when that happens to us, I have to admit that I’m not having a good time. In fact, I even find it stressful to spend time with him,” says the grandmother.

“Perhaps his behavior will improve”

A testimony to which reacted Jeanne Phillips, journalist of the New York Post, who suggested that the ingratitude of the grandson could be linked to adolescence. “If you visit him, show good manners in your dealings with your grandson and give him all the advice you can. His behavior may improve by the time he gets out of adolescence,” she advised, adding: “However, if he still behaves like this at 21, you can say that Have you tried everything.”

TESTIMONY I hate spending time with my grandson


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