Sharing your first name with a Disney character is a double-edged sword and not always easy to assume. It is online that a woman revealed to hate her first name inspired by one of the characters of The Little Mermaid.

A first name that she hates so much that she is now considering changing it. The reason ? It is also that of one of the firm’s most emblematic villains…

A witch’s name

On the Reddit NameNerds forum, a woman developed her dislike around her first name. Named Ursula by her parents, the young woman, who deeply hates this choice, is now looking for a nickname by which to call herself. Derived from the Latin word “ursa”, or “bear”, Ursula therefore means “Little Dipper”. A first name which, in the past, has been used many times but which, in our time, rhymes especially with the wicked witch of Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

A nicer name

Although the passive of her first name is pleasant, Ursula remains stuck on her association with the cartoon and now wants something “prettier”. “I really hate it…I want to find a nickname other than Uschi or Sully,” she noted. “Something that sounds good and isn’t too young,” she added. Having already thought of a few possible examples, she slipped “I think Ulla could be nice. Sounds a bit like Ella. But I have the impression that people will often mispronounce it, that it’s too weird,” she commented. “Suggestions? she finally implored.

Spoiled for choice

The comments following his message were not lacking in ideas. There were also many people who claimed to love his first name. Others enthusiastically shared alternatives she could use. “Do you prefer to use your middle name?” Many people use it naturally if the first one does not suit them, quite simply ”indicated a first person. A second noted that Ursula was also the first name of Phoebe’s twin sister in the series Friends, a reference that could perhaps allow her to appreciate her name. And if a third proposed “Ula”, a last wrote “Have you thought of Susie? It’s pretty classic/timeless. Ulla is nice too! »

TESTIMONY I hate my name inspired by a Disney villain


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