Jasmin Mcletchie can’t stand her huge breasts anymore. And for good reason, this 33-year-old British baker wears a K cup. A daily ordeal. The 30-year-old notably had to abandon the underwires because they cause her pain. Its ailments are not only physical, but also emotional. The mother of the family is very complexed. “Men are thought to like breasts this size because they look good in a bra, but without support the nipples aren’t supposed to face the floor,” she told the Daily Mail. From the top of her small meter 49, she has the impression of being suffocated by the weight of her breasts when she lies down.

When he was younger, Jasmin was a real freak: “One day, when I was 14, I was changing for PE class and I was wearing a top with slits. I remember that my friends turned to me going, ‘Oh my God, look at your cleavage’. There were girls coming into the locker room looking at my boobs and laughing at me, it was awful. I was so embarrassed.” At the time, the Englishwoman was already a C cup. Between her 18 and 20 years, she took three sizes. Since the birth of her daughter, she has been wearing a K cup. And to make matters worse, the 30-year-old also has Raynaud’s disease, a blood circulation disorder that worsens when it’s cold.

A K cup that will soon be history

Jasmin now wants to undergo a breast reduction. Aware that her weight could contribute to the size of her breasts, she hopes to lose a few pounds before having the operation: “I know that I am overweight, I would like to go down to a size 44 before the operation. If I arrive achieve my goal, I’ll be incredibly happy with my body. My body isn’t the problem, my boobs are.” To obtain the necessary money, the Briton launched a collection on GoFundMe. At the time of writing, the 30-year-old has only raised 98 euros out of a target of 11,000 euros. If some of her relatives advise her to open an OnlyFans account, she assures that she does not want to sexualize her body.

TESTIMONY I hate my chest because I have a K cup


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