After 16 years of relationship and 10 years of marriage, Bridgette Davis lost her husband in 2018. A terrible news that she had to announce to her mistress.

Bridgette Davis’ life changed in 2018. Her husband, suffering from bipolar disorder, ended his life after a long battle with his depression. After his death, the young woman, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, announced the sad news to the mistress of the father of her two children. The mother, who was aware of this extra-marital relationship before the death of her companion, shared screenshots of their conversation in a TikTok video. “Damn. I can’t believe it. I can’t, I’m freaking out. I can’t go through this again. He promised me” reacted the mistress.

@bridgettedavis08There is a lot to unpack here.♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

In the process, the mistress asked if she could go to the cemetery. Bridgette replied in the negative before telling her, “You knew he was my husband for 10 years, right? That we have two amazing children together? And that I homeschool them?” The second woman confessed that she knew: “Yes. I know a lot of things. He needed support, he told me that he and I were linked like the five fingers of the hand.” At the time, the American had been separated from her husband for a few months but before dying, the latter had told her that he wanted to give their union a chance.

Internet users shared about the mistress

With more than a million views, the video has generated many reactions on the social network. Internet users were however divided when they discovered it. “Looks like you texted her just to be mean to her and keep her from going to the cemetery. Be nice or move on,” “She also lost the man she loved. He destroyed your relationship, not her”, “I think it’s nice of you to have told him”, “She knew you existed so she is as guilty as him” we could read in the comments. some people accused Bridgette of making up the story, she said it was “unfortunately true”.

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