“If I had been told, eight months ago when I woke up from a coma, that I would one day be on TV or that I would be interviewed in Closer, I would not have believed it!”, Exclaims Lauren. Since May 14, the girl has been posting videos on TikTok of her life at the rehabilitation center where she is being treated after suffering severe third-degree burns. She explains her accident, her fight and the care she receives. And it hits.

His first video was a leap into the unknown. “I was very touched by all the nice messages I received. TikTok, it affects a lot of people who are not in my circle of friends. Many people asked me questions, wanted to understand, so I continued to share. I show off my braces around my neck and the bands I wear every day to help the skin heal and regain suppleness. I found my therapy there a bit.” Because in November 2020, Lauryne was the victim of a serious domestic accident.

On the ground, the young woman protects her face with her hands: “I saw death coming”

One Saturday noon, her family receives two friends for lunch. The latter bring a fondue set that works with methylated spirits. “The most terrible thing is that I was against it, I found it dangerous, specifies Valérie, Lauryne’s mother. But they assured us that they knew how to use it. I should have listened to myself”, regrets she. They are five around the table, three adults and two teenagers, when the tragedy occurs. One of the guests wants to add alcohol to the device that is already on. As she pours the liquid, a flashback occurs. In a movement of panic, the alcohol she was holding pours over Lauryne, who immediately catches fire.

On the ground, the young woman protects her face with her hands. “I saw death happen,” she says. Her stepfather tries to stop with his hands, then with a blanket, the blue flames that are gnawing at her. In vain. Fortunately, the family has a powder extinguisher. We told her: “Lauryne, hold your breath” and we sprayed her with the fire extinguisher. On the advice of the Samu who was on the way, we took off her clothes to put her in the shower, because her skin continued to burn from the inside. When they arrived they were great. When you see the Samu doctor standing in the shower with your child who has just been burned… We cannot thank enough all the exceptional caregivers who, from the beginning, have taken care of Lauryne.”

“I miss the carefree teenager I used to be, but I’m proud of my journey”

Transferred urgently to the Edouard-Herriot hospital in Lyon, the 17-year-old girl was placed in a coma, with third-degree burns on 28% of her body. “The next day, the doctor called us to tell us that my daughter was ‘lucky not to be blind.’ his mom. Lauryne’s vital organs are preserved. She has been operated on eight times and the grafts are taking well. When she wakes up, she realizes. “To me, I was a monster. I thought, ‘My life is over.’ And then, over time, I understood that no. Since then, I have gained a lot in maturity. I also want to raise awareness among young people to tell them to be careful, that an accident happens quickly, even at home. life can change in a second”.

“I think of all the major burn victims like me. Before, I was the carefree teenager who led a peaceful, carefree life. I miss her, but I am proud of my journey, of the battles I have won against me I have lots of projects, I want to pass my baccalaureate, continue my studies, do international business, master English and Spanish, travel. Life goes on and I feel strong.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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