Morag Smith, 27, has suffered from extremely painful periods since the age of 16. The doctors unfortunately told her that they could do nothing to help her overcome these difficulties. However, her meeting with a colleague helped her better understand the origin of her pain. After settling in London, the young woman had menstrual bleeding. These lasted 11 months in a row. At 16, the pain associated with her menstruation was so violent that it caused her to vomit and prevented her from going to high school.

The bleeding was also very heavy, often putting her in awkward situations. “I had to have extra pants and tights on me, as well as a sum of 20 euros to be able to go to Primark and buy jeans just in case,” she told our colleagues from the Mirror. The doctors then minimized her illness, explaining that she had no other choice but to face these difficult times. They put her on birth control pills in hopes of easing the blood flow and prescribed her anti-nausea medication so she could pass her school exams.

Very painful periods that forced her in her daily life

When she entered Glasgow University, the doctors decided she had been on the pill for far too long. They recommended she stop it, which caused her period to fluctuate. It was a lonely period for the student, because in addition to not knowing the reasons behind her email, she did not know anyone else in this situation. “It was really hard to hear the doctors say it’s just one of those things I have to learn to live with. “, she confided. His first job also brought him his share of problems. In particular, she had to be absent for two weeks as she was sick. It was while apologizing to a colleague that her life took a completely different turn.

“Never apologize, I have endometriosis, I understand. I had to undergo an operation. Take the time you need. “recalls Morag. This disease, unknown to the young woman, reminded her of the symptoms of her daily life. Morag then waited many months before being able to consult a specialist. Unfortunately, the meeting ended in disappointment. Indeed, the doctor affirmed that the young woman did not have endometriosis. However, she returned to the same clinic to see another new gynecologist. The verdict is in. It was definitely endometriosis. Morag chose to keep a hormonal IUD and has her period every six months, with limited pain. “I can live a normal life for the first time in eight years,” she shared, relieved. The young woman now encourages all women who are experiencing abnormal gynecological problems to persevere in order to obtain answers.

TESTIMONY I had my period for 11 months before discovering the cause


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