Nikki Weiss found herself confronted head-on with her past by creating her Facebook account. A very particular notification has indeed completely changed his life. “You have a new message from Jill Goldstein,” she shared with our colleagues at HuffPost. The young woman is none other than the sister of her summer camp boyfriend, Matt. The two women reconnected. “Over the next few days, we feverishly caught up on lost time via email and reminisced about our summers, while sharing photos and talking about our mutual friends. “, she reported. The old friends even ended up calling each other and spending long hours on the phone.

The relationship has intensified as the volume of trade has increased. “After a month of texting, emailing and late-night conversations, I felt like something else was going on. “, she confided. Their relationship took a turn other than friendly. “Was Jill flirting with me?” Was I flirting with her? I had butterflies every time I thought of her. It’s so weird. “, she added. The two women began to address their romantic past. “During an overnight call, Jill told me the details of her failed engagement to a man after having an affair with a woman. “, she shared.

An unexpected romance with her ex-boyfriend’s sister

The flirtation finally became evident between the two accomplices. Their relationship led to a sexual relationship. “We traveled to see each other every weekend, but Jill kept our romance a secret from her job and her family. “said Nikki Weiss. Unfortunately, some complications cast a shadow on the picture. Jill found the courage to come out to her parents. A decision that was met with reactions of shock and protest. Despite complications within the family, the two women moved in together and later married. Nikki and Jill are also the proud mothers of two beautiful children. “If you had told me at 13 that I would end up marrying my summer camp boyfriend’s little sister, that we would have two children and that we would live in Los Angeles, I would never have believed it! What I believe is that things happen for a reason. “, she shared with our colleagues. A beautiful message that gives pride of place to love.

TESTIMONY I had a summer camp lover for three summers and 20 years later I married his sister


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