A weather photographer in his spare time, Scott McPartland has braved all dangers for years. This broker, residing in Rego Park in Queens in New York, has always had iron health. He went to the gym regularly and ate healthy. But his life changed completely in May 2022 when his legs gave out while he was vacuuming his house. The American collapsed on the ground. “I thought I was having a panic attack,” he told the New York Post. After getting up, the man did not hesitate to throw himself down the stairs to attract the attention of his wife, Cecelia Morgan.

“When I got to his side, I realized I couldn’t speak. It was the most terrifying moment of my life,” Scott told The New Yorker, who had just suffered a stroke ( CVA), was quickly rushed to Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital, “I thought I was going to die. When I arrived at the emergency room, I said to Cecelia ‘It’s the end for me, you have to be strong now,'” he confessed. His fears disappeared when doctor Rohan Arora administered tPA, a tissue plasminogen activator that helps dissolve clots and restore blood circulation.

A hole in his heart is detected

After several exams, cardiologist Avneet Singh finally discovered that Scott was born with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), a hole located between the two atria of the heart. An anomaly at the origin of his stroke. Three months later, the American underwent cardiac catheterization to close the opening. The operation only lasted 30 minutes. The following month, the 50-year-old was already on the ground to collect images from Hurricane Ian. A miracle for his doctors. Completely recovered, Scott now savors the present moment: “I am more grateful for the little things of everyday life.”

TESTIMONY I had a hole in my heart for 50 years without knowing it


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