After saying “yes” to each other in July 2021, Christine and Gannon Karmire had to postpone their party twice because of the pandemic. On November 19, 2021, they hoped to finally celebrate with their families and friends. When he wakes up, Monsieur is full of enthusiasm, but his stomach is upset. “The stress, he said to himself, that will pass.” Unfortunately, during the morning, the disturbance becomes a big thunderstorm.

To the point that Christine, worried, prefers to drive her man to the emergency room. Diagnostic ? Severe food poisoning. “We hoped that it would be resolved in a few hours. The festivities being planned for 4:30 p.m., we considered shifting them to the beginning of the evening, to give me time to recover,” says the 32-year-old young man. Unfortunately, the storm turns into a tornado, and the groom must finally be placed under sedation. What to do with the guests and the planned party? Should we again, for the third time and at the last moment, postpone the festivities?

Diners loved the model “Stick Gannon”

This is how the idea came to them to make a “Stick Gannon”, an English pun between “stick puppet”, puppet, and “sick”, sick. Clearly, they made a mannequin! By assembling a clothes steamer, pool cues and hangers, they created a silhouette that they dressed in the suit intended for the groom. The final touch? An iPad as a headdress, to display the face of the unlucky groom at the place of the head!

“Despite his condition, Gannon was thrilled. Both he and I thought it would be fun for me to walk into the reception with ‘Stick Gannon’ on my arm. It was to lighten the mood and encourage our guests. to enjoy the company reunited and the dinner prepared”, explains the blonde in her thirties. Successful bet ! As seen in the video posted on TikTok by the lovers, and which still entertained nearly 90,000 people, the guests loved “Stick Gannon”, they really enjoyed dancing and posing with him.

The “real” Gannon could only come for 20 minutes!

Icing on the wedding cake, our patient was able to leave the hospital in the evening, and find his sweetheart and their friends for a brief appearance of twenty minutes. To the delight of the bride, delighted to hug the original instead of the copy! “Actually, I just wanted to come and reassure Christine and give her a hug. But when I arrived and started to hear my name chanted by more than a hundred people, it invigorated me. I thought to myself that I couldn’t not go and say hello to everyone,” says the young man.

“Once Gannon arrived, it was a great feeling to see the love and support everyone was showing us,” adds Christine. From now on, our lovebirds only hope for one thing: to organize a new party and to love each other under the sign… of health!

Christine and Gannon Karmire © INSTAGRAM JOHNKARMINE

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