A wedding is an important step in life. It is therefore essential to think carefully before taking this step. Advice that this young man did not follow, who now regrets his union. “I’m in my 30s and have been married for five years. My wife and I hadn’t known each other for long when we got married. We dated while on vacation where we were scuba diving. “We were both single and excited to be overseas. We slept together. When we got back she moved in with me and I popped the question a few months later,” he wrote in a letter addressed to Coleen Nolan, adviser to the Daily Mirror.

The young man admits it, he quickly lost the spark of the beginnings: “I regretted having married so quickly and I started to fantasize about other women.” One thing led to another, he cheated on his wife: “For a few months now, I’ve been sleeping with a colleague. The chemistry between us is crazy but that’s not all – we feel like souls sisters and to know us forever.” A particularly delicate situation for the thirties: “I know that I have to make a decision concerning my marriage. I feel bad for my wife because she does not suspect anything. She deserves better than me, she is a good person, she is thoughtful. Please let me know what you think.”

An update with his wife advised

More frank than ever, Coleen Nolan did not go there four ways in her response to the young man: “If you are looking for sympathy, you are in the wrong place. To no longer be in love with someone is not a crime. It happens. That’s life. However, having an affair with someone else instead of facing the issues in your marriage and being honest with your wife is a bad decision. It’s a betrayal and you owe it to him to be sincere.” The expert suggested he clear things up with his partner: “You’re right, she deserves better. You can’t stay with her out of pity or guilt. If your wife has no idea how you feel , she’s going to have a shock. So bring it up as soon as possible.”

TESTIMONY I got married too soon and now I'm cheating on my wife


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