If most couples say “yes” to each other in a church or at the town hall, Norma and Axel Niño have chosen a place that is more original than ever. The lovebirds, aged 27 and 29, united in a funeral home on October 1, 2022. A symbolic place since the young woman was the director for years. Dressed in a black dress, she arrived in a hearse before joining her future husband at the altar. “I’ve always loved Halloween and I knew I wanted to get married at a funeral home (…) I’ve always loved the gothic and grunge style, so a Halloween themed wedding was perfect for me” has she told the Daily Mirror.

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First scared because very superstitious, Norma’s relatives finally loved this wedding like no other. After saying their vows in the room usually reserved for cremations, the two lovers enjoyed their reception. The room was decorated with floating candles and pumpkins. For the occasion, the couple also asked their guests to wear 1930s costumes. An unforgettable day for the lovebirds who met on Tinder in August 2018. Three years later, Axel officially took a knee at earth the day they adopted their dog, Mochi. “It was a surreal moment” recalled the young woman.

“It was a magical day”

Before opting for a Gothic wedding, Norma and Axel had planned to get married in Yosemite National Park, California. Finally, the young woman managed to convince her darling: “Axel was not sure at first, but a few months before the ceremony he agreed to let me have the wedding of my dreams. On D-Day, he saw that I I was in my element and understood that we had made the right decision.” A memory she will treasure forever: “It was a magical day, it was perfect for us. If you’re planning on having a Halloween themed wedding, go for it! It’s your day and the opinions of people are irrelevant.”

TESTIMONY I got married in black at a funeral home


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