In July 2011, Shari Thorpe made a life-changing decision: to accept Ryan’s marriage proposal just two days after they met. “I went on vacation with my friend because her boyfriend couldn’t come at the last minute, I didn’t expect to find a husband,” the 33-year-old Briton told The Sun. At the time, the beautician had completely flashed on the young man when he saw him next to the swimming pool of his hotel in Gran Canaria, an island in Spain: “As soon as I saw him, I had everything straight away thought he was very handsome. I remember telling my girlfriend to put on her sunglasses so she could spy on him. Turns out Ryan was glancing at me too. He told his friend that I was the girl he was going to marry.”

Shari and Ryan started getting to know each other at a local karaoke bar. The young man even sang and autographed a song from the group Westlife. Two days later, he officially took a knee: “When he proposed to me after two days, I was like, ‘Why not?'” Upon their return to England, the two lovebirds began a relationship long distance despite the reluctance of those around them. Indeed, their loved ones were convinced that their romance was not going to last. And yet, after only six months, they decided to move in together: “Everything was very fast but it seemed so normal.” More in love than ever, the two lovebirds did not take long to start a family.

“11 years later and it’s still happiness”

Shari and Ryan welcomed their first child, Cayden, in 2012. After saving up for their wedding, they said yes in August 2015: “We had a great day. Ryan performed the same Westlife song as he sang to me at the karaoke bar.” A year later, little Curtis joined the family. In 2021, it was the adorable Cillian who showed up. Today, the couple are still together: “I think our loved ones were skeptical when we got engaged so quickly but as soon as they saw us together they realized that we were perfect for each other. We’re both the kind of people to push through life, and I’m so glad we did. 11 years later and it’s still blissful.”



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