“Sex has always been a big part of choosing my partners,” says Teresa Brooks. Sexual alchemy was even for a long time his favorite formula in the equation of his love life. Preferably with “mysterious and virile men”, stingy with words but not testosterone. But then, three years ago, after a romance that turned sour, the life coach decided to question her laws of attraction. “I had just come out of a long and turbulent relationship of five years almost exclusively driven by the physical. I realized that my past relationships had all been motivated by the same thing, and that it was not leading to anything”, details she.

At 49, this resident of Bedford in England, mother of a 13-year-old daughter, decides to take a break: “I needed to take time and stop rushing headlong from a bad relationship to another, to finally establish other criteria for living together.” The one who has never spent more than three months without a man in her bed decides to give up sex completely.

“I had come to believe that sex was love”

Not because he would be despicable or unworthy, but to sort of detox. And against all odds, Teresa experiences this period of fasting as “a real liberation. I feel like a woman in complete rebirth. Well, my desire not to have sex has scared away suitors, it’s true. But Above all, she brought me two important things: to finally appreciate the real human qualities of my male relationships. And to learn how to give myself pleasure alone!”, she smiles.

“Before my period of abstinence, I had come to believe that sex was love, and vice versa. I was wrong, of course.” Teresa has therefore reinvested other types of friendly and family relationships, because complicity does not rhyme only with the sexual intimacy of a couple. And today, she finally feels ready for a relationship, sex included. But now with a solid emotional network, she no longer bets everything on a life as a couple and is no longer impatient to fill a gap.

“I like men, I like sex, but it’s not something without which I feel empty anymore”

“Thanks to these three years of break, what I am now waiting for to be fulfilled is a serious relationship, based on shared values ​​and common projects. I like men, I like sex and, of course, , I can’t wait to taste it again, but it’s no longer something without which I feel empty”, she concludes, visibly appeased. And then there is something else.

And there, it is the mother who speaks: “I want to teach my daughter that sex has a great value, but that as a person she has an even greater value and that she does not have to feel compelled to have sex.” Today, in her newfound maturity, Teresa looks to the future with serenity. And that’s probably the best example she can set for her daughter.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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