Sometimes we think we made the right choice… and then finally not. Sarah Sollars, a mother of six, recently opened up on her TikTok account about the spelling she had chosen for her daughter Llewelyn’s first name. “Ok it’s 10 o’clock at night, and I can’t help but think about the fact that I called my daughter Llewelyn”, says the mother on video. “I don’t know any Llewelyn and I’ve never heard that name apart from the main character of the film No country for old men”, she continues before adding: “I realized, thanks to a video TikTok, that I should have spelled her name ‘Lou Ellen’, it’s more feminine, people understand how it’s pronounced…I named her Llewelyn and what I get is ‘Luluin?’”

In the comments, many Internet users have tried to reassure Sarah Sollars. Some confirmed to the young mother that Llewelyn was a first name of Welsh origin, initially given to boys. A surfer has also bounced on the subject by saying that the British knew how to pronounce the first name. “Don’t worry honey, we Brits get it!” she wrote.

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These unpronounceable first names shared by Internet users

And let Sarah Sollars be reassured: according to the testimonies of several Internet users, she is not the only one to have chosen a first name with a convoluted pronunciation. Indeed, they are several mothers to share the same problem. “My son has the same concern with Daemon”, launches a user. “My son’s name is Trayce, it’s pronounced Trace, but everyone calls him Tracy,” said another. “My daughter is called Kyrstin. Kirsten is the classic spelling but I preferred with a Y”, adds a user.

TESTIMONY I gave my daughter an unpronounceable name and I regret it


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