In the summer of 2021, Alyssa Hodges, recovering from a painful separation from the one whose child she is carrying, decides to register on Tinder. At 20, she is six months pregnant: “I made it clear in my bio that I was expecting a child. I wanted them to know what they were getting into from the start,” insists this Brisbane resident, in Australia. During the first days of her online wanderings, she struggled to find a soul mate.

Then, she “matches” with a certain Max Silvy, 25 years old. “Normally, I wouldn’t have swiped right [the way to signify that one is interested in a profile on Tinder, editor’s note] for a pregnant woman, he says, but Alyssa had something special.” The current is going well. They then decide to meet. Once. Two times. Thrice. Clearly, they like it. Max, a civil servant, often travels for his job. So, for their fourth date, they agree to meet at the airport. Alyssa will pick him up.

“Ollie’s birth was the highlight of our relationship”

But this September 11, 2021, at eight months of pregnancy, the future mother lost her water. “I texted him saying, ‘I’m so sorry, you’ll have to take a cab. I’m going to give birth.’ What’s amazing is that he jumped in a car when he got off the plane , heading to the hospital, to be by my side!” The delivery, which lasted seven hours, ended with the arrival of a beautiful little boy named Ollie. Max, present throughout this unique moment, then decides to take a week off to be with Alyssa and the baby.

“We both knew that we loved each other and had strong feelings for each other, says the young mother. But the birth was the culmination of our relationship, it bonded us. I had a slight baby blues and Max supported me. He helped me through this difficult time.” The knight serving, meanwhile, manages to overcome the apprehension of such a situation. “I wouldn’t say it was a harrowing experience, but I was anxious. Overnight this was getting serious. But I was very much in love with Alyssa, and witnessing Ollie’s birth bonded me to him like a father to his son. I just let my heart speak,” adds this beautiful soul.

They are preparing for their wedding, scheduled for this summer

“Max has a very important role in the life of Ollie, who adores him. Often, when he cries in my arms, Max takes him, and hop, he stops, happy and smiling”, says, radiant, the young woman. Today, our lovebirds never leave each other. They are preparing for their wedding, scheduled for this summer, and are about to move in to raise Ollie together. Sometimes couple stories are like parties: the best ones are the ones you didn’t plan!

Alyssa Hodges and Max Silvy © INSTAGRAM ALYSSA HODGES

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