Unexpected but true! Becki Beckmann has found her lost cell phone ten years ago. The aircraft was in a more unusual place than ever.

There’s nothing better than finding a long-lost item. But a young woman named Becki Beckmann made an unexpected find after she got her hands on her 10-year-old phone. In a post shared on Facebook and relayed by The Post, the American from Maryland said that she lost her iPhone on Halloween night in 2021. The young woman explained that she did not understand how this could have happened since she had not left her house. “It was very mysterious but it had evaporated so I replaced it and moved on. I didn’t care,” she said.

Ten years later, Becki Beckmann has solved the mystery of her lost phone. The young woman explained that she regularly heard a hammering in her toilet when she flushed the toilet: “With my husband, we thought that the noise came from our old toilet or the horrible foundations of our house. Annoyed, her husband decided to inspect the toilet thoroughly. Results ? He found the misplaced iPhone there. Unsurprisingly, the device was in very poor condition and no longer worked. “It was so far from what I expected,” she confessed.

Hilarious reactions

Becki Beckmann’s publication generated no less than 700 comments from Internet users, sometimes amused, sometimes surprised. And some of them were very funny! “How come my screen breaks just looking at it but you can literally poo on it for years and it’s perfect?”, “There’s no way it got stuck in your toilet for 10 years and it’s never caused a problem other than a simple noise”, “How come your toilet has never been clogged? Me, I throw in a baby wipe and I have the whole m * rd of the neighbors in my laundry room” we could read among the reactions.

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