Holly Gill never expected to find traces of her grandfather in a magazine, thanks to her tattoos! A lovely story told by him.

At 80, Chuck Helmke holds the record for the most tattooed senior citizen in the world, with 97.5% of his body covered. The pensioner, originally from Melbourne, Florida, also has 376 skulls drawn on his body. With his partner Charlotte Guttenberg, who is the most tattooed senior woman in the world, he likes to visit tattoo conventions and meet indelible ink enthusiasts. During an appearance, the former self-defense instructor agreed to pose for a magazine. A decision that allowed him to find part of his family with whom he had cut ties for several years.

“I got an email out of nowhere. It said, ‘Hi, my first name is Holly Gill. Are you the Chuck Helmke who was married to Winifred Nolan?'” Chuck told The Sun. After answering yes to the question, her caller said, “Well, I’m your granddaughter.” Holly Gill, who owns a tattoo parlor in Tuckerton, New Jersey, had just reconnected with her grandfather, whom she had never met. “The last time I saw Holly’s mother, she was only a month old,” confessed the pensioner. Determined to make up for lost time, Chuck went to meet his daughter and granddaughter, accompanied by his partner Charlotte.

The common passion for tattoos brought them together

“It was really great to meet my daughter after all these years. She’s almost 1m88 – and we look a lot alike, it’s scary,” Chuck told the daily. The octogenarian also quickly bonded with his granddaughter Holly. The young woman did not hesitate to tattoo her grandfather and her companion Charlotte with her own drawings. “It was very nice. His work is really beautiful, clean and adorable,” said the retiree. Over the years, the senior couple have built a solid relationship with Holly, her mother and her sister Emily. Charlotte notably officiated the weddings of the two young women.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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