Carol and Phil get engaged when they are only 17 years old. Unfortunately, years later, the one who is now 72 years old thinks she has definitely lost her pretty ring…

In July 1968, Carol and Phil say yes. On the finger of the young woman, a sublime ring adorned with a diamond. Phil had worked for months with his father in order to save money, to offer it to the woman of his life. But 20 years later, in 1968, tragedy struck. When Carol comes home that day, she takes off her engagement ring to wash her hands. But the jewel falls, and the couple’s dog rushes on it. Carol is convinced: the animal has swallowed her ring.

The ring stuck behind a piece of furniture reappears 30 years later

Out of the question for the retired teacher to stop there. She immediately takes her dog to the vet for an X-ray, then buys a metal detector. In vain. Impossible to locate the jewel. So in the days that followed, Carol began to search her dog’s excrement before finally giving up. For nearly 30 years, the couple believe the prized possession is gone forever. And the ring had almost completely slipped their minds when they received a call from their former neighbors.

Phil tells The Sun that Carol received a call from their former neighbor, asking if she had ever lost a diamond ring. “She went there and she got her beloved ring back.” The new owners of their home were redoing the kitchen when they found the ring stuck on the side of an old cupboard. A real twist of fate! This year, Carol and Phil will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary. And the one who is a mother has decided that her ring will be passed on to the next generation, when she can give it to her son for his fiancée.

TESTIMONY I found my engagement ring lost 30 years ago thinking that my dog ​​had eaten it ©

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