Adopted from birth, Kevin Harvey, 63, and Roy Bray, 65, had never met before. It took Roy more than three decades to find Kevin. It was finally thanks to a DNA test purchased online that the man was able to get in touch with him in August 2021.

At the time of the reunion, the two men, moved, were however far from imagining that what they were going to discover about each other was going to literally leave them speechless.

Unexpected reunions

At birth, both Kevin and Roy were adopted. Roy, who is the oldest, learning that he had a brother, has done everything since the 1990s to find Kevin’s trace. But it was ultimately Kevin who found him. By purchasing a DNA kit on the AncestryDNA site, Kevin was taken to Roy in August 2021. “When I received his message about our biological mother, I was in shock,” Roy told The Sun newspaper. “Now we are making up for lost time.” When the first meeting finally takes place, Kevin and Roy begin to reminisce about their past. Quickly, they are amazed by their discoveries and realize that, without knowing it, they led identical lives.

parallel lives

Adopted from birth, they discover that they had both been placed in the same children’s home without social services making the connection between the two. As adults, both joined the same military base and then worked for Securicor in the 90s before becoming a postman in the early 2000s. “It was surreal” said Kevin, adding “And the best thing that ever happened to me” . While talking with his brother, Kevin learns that he also has two other brothers and a sister. “I thought I was an only child because I had been adopted since birth. I’ve met my brother many times now and finding out about my mother was so interesting because I didn’t know anything about her, I hadn’t even seen a picture.” From now on, the two brothers continue to see each other regularly. The opportunity for both of them to learn, each time, new things.

TESTIMONY I found my brother and what I discovered about him left me speechless


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