This story dates back to July 2017. Britta Eberle, who lives in Vermont in the United States, was visiting a friend’s farm with her husband, son and daughter. When they arrived, it was effervescence. Everyone was running in all directions and in all this commotion, the mother of the family forgot Ada, her 2-year-old daughter, in the car. “We thought someone had picked up the youngest member of our clan” she wrote in a post published on her blog and quoted by TODAY Parents. The girl was in the vehicle for 20 minutes before her mother noticed. Going to pick her up, she saw her sister returning with the child, crying, but safe and sound.

At this time of year, the temperature reached 15°C in Vermont. It was raining that day and Ada was not warm when her aunt pulled her out of the car. And yet, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an American federal agency responsible for road safety, the interior of a vehicle can quickly reach 40°C even if the temperature is low inside. ‘outside. It usually only takes 10 minutes. In 2021, 23 children died from heat stroke according to the National Safety Council, an American organization that promotes health and safety.

She rejoices to have avoided a terrible tragedy

Eberle is convinced that she would never have forgotten her daughter if there had not been a slight change in her usual routine: “There is no excuse for what I have done. Part of me doesn’t want to share this story but I have to. I have to own up to my mistakes. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. And it scares me, but it also makes me less judge and pay more attention.” That night, the mother of the family was delighted to have avoided the worst: “Tonight, I cuddled my daughter by putting her to bed. I read her a story, I turned off the light and I stayed by her side until she fell asleep. And I felt incredibly lucky.”

TESTIMONY I forgot my daughter in the car


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