Being a parent is a particularly difficult job. And it’s not Jacqueline (assumed first name) who will say the opposite. On one of the forums of the BabyCenter site, this young mother admitted to having trouble supporting her three-year-old son. The reason ? His negative attitude. “I really struggle to spend time with my three-and-a-half-year-old son,” she admits. And to add: “He behaves badly with me all the time, he is rude, he shouts, constantly demands things and never plays nice with his one and a half year old little sister.” Distraught, the mother of the family has the impression of reprimanding him constantly.

“I feel awful saying that, but most of the time he annoys me,” says Jacqueline. She continues: “I get angry with him very quickly because he really gets on my nerves.” has the feeling of having done everything to change the behavior of her son, in vain. She is however aware of having a large part of responsibility: “I know that it is my fault if he provokes this reaction in me“The young mother does not, however, lose hope of finding a solution to her ordeal: “I have to try to improve things because it depresses me and I am almost afraid to be with him.

Create moments of mother-son bonding

Jacqueline says her son’s delivery was traumatic and she suffered from postpartum depression. Quite the opposite with her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, whom she adores: “I have a very different relationship with her, I appreciate her and I like being in her company.” The mother is now very afraid that her eldest will notice the difference in treatment with her sister when she grows up. Touched by this courageous testimony, many people reacted in the comments. Many of them, having gone through a similar experience, sent messages of support to the mother, encouraging her to spend more time with her little one in order to develop their bond of attachment.

TESTIMONY I find it more and more difficult to support my 3-year-old son


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