Clara* finds herself in a delicate situation. After falling in love with her stepfather’s brother, who is married, her family cut ties with her.

“I am a 22-year-old woman and my family tree is complicated. My father died when I was two. My mother remarried my stepfather when I was 5,” Clara* wrote in a post. letter addressed to Deidre Sanders, journalist and life coach for The Sun. The young woman also confessed that she felt left out after the birth of her little brother. She explained that her stepfather had always been close to her brother, who was in his 40s. His daughter was also his best friend. At the time, she had no attraction for the 40-year-old, but that changed when she started working at his office at the age of 20.

“He wore a suit and moved with authority. He looked powerful and sexy,” Clara confessed. And to add that they talked for hours after work: “He listened to me and gave me the attention that I badly needed.” One night, they made love before starting a secret affair: “We saw each other in secret for a year and he promised me that he was going to leave his wife.” One day, the twenty-something broke down and suggested to her lover’s daughter that they were dating. She took it very badly since her family turned their backs on her in addition to kicking her out. As for the stepfather’s brother, he is still with his wife: “I am devastated because they have disowned me while they continue to talk to him. I have never felt so alone.”

Deidre Sanders gives him advice

“Even if the situation is painful, you were at least able to discover his difficulties in committing yourself before getting too involved” replied Deidre Sanders to Clara. The life coach also wanted to reassure her: “You are young and you have all the time to find someone really available who will love you and appreciate you at your true value.” The journalist also suggested that she write a letter to her mother, writing down her emotions: “Tell her what happened and how you feel. Maybe she won’t answer but at least she’ll know how you feel. And that might be cathartic for you.” The Briton also advised her to contact a therapist and an organization that helps people who have cut ties with their families.

*Name has been changed.

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