Should we give a second chance after a deception? This is the question that a young woman asks herself, especially since her boyfriend has made his mistress pregnant.

In 2019, Adriana (not her real name) made a drastic decision: breaking up with her longtime boyfriend. At the time, the latter had an affair which ended in a surprise pregnancy. The young woman therefore turned the page. Three years later, fate put them back on the same path and the buried feelings quickly came to the surface. “We met a few weeks ago and now we chat occasionally. Both single, we wondered if we should try something again,” she confided in a letter addressed to Coleen Nolan, wellness coach for The Daily Mirror.

Nostalgic, Adriana finally agreed to give her ex a chance: “I miss him and I never stopped loving him. I just hate what he did to me and to our relationship.” A choice that she does not assume at all: “We are taking our time but I am already worried about my decision. In fact, I feel so stupid for having forgiven him that I did not tell anyone.” Visibly lost, the young woman asked the opinion of Coleen Nolan: “He is no longer with the other woman and from what I see, he is a loving father with his son. Do you think that our relationship has a chance or am I crazy for agreeing to start over?”

Forgive your ex? Yes, but under certain conditions

For Coleen Nolan, it is essential to go slowly: “He must prove to you that he is worthy of your trust and understand that there will be no other chances.” The wellness coach advised him to go to couples therapy to prevent an infidelity from happening again. She also warned him of the difficulties ahead: “It will take time and effort to rebuild you. You also have to take your son into consideration. Take on the role of the mother-in-law and manage the another woman will be a challenge.” And to conclude that she should not be afraid to admit it to her relatives because her real friends will respect her choice.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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