On a daily basis, Fenella Fox could spend up to 2 p.m. on her cell phone. A bad habit that earned him to end up in a wheelchair. As she tells the Mirror, she began to suffer from migraines and pain in the back of her neck. The 29-year-old Briton was constantly dizzy and nauseous: “I just really felt like I couldn’t walk properly. I felt particularly bad. My head was spinning and my vision was distorted.” The influencer consulted a number of doctors, but they were completely taken aback by her symptoms.

When the situation worsened, Fenella, who was living in Portugal, returned to her parents in England. At worst at the airport, she had to use a wheelchair. Bedridden, the young woman had difficulty walking and used a wheelchair every time she wanted to move. Despite everything, she continued to surf on her smartphone without suspecting that it was the cause of all her ills. “I’m in my bed scrolling from sunrise to sunset. What I don’t know is that I’m making it worse.” The English doctors were equally confused by his condition. Luckily, her dad came across articles mentioning “cybersickness” and “digital vertigo.”

A phone addiction can have real consequences

Turning off her cell phone, Fennella confirms that she was able to walk again. If the young woman has not been diagnosed by a specialist, several doctors have established that excessive use of screens has an impact on health. This phenomenon occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from the visual and vestibular (ears) system. This is called vestibulo-visual conflict, the virtual equivalent of motion sickness. It can in particular induce balance disorders. For her part, the beautiful brunette who earns her living thanks to social networks, ensures that she is now doing her best to be less often on her phone.

TESTIMONY I ended up in a wheelchair because I spent 14 hours a day on my phone


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