She thought she would never want to start a new pregnancy, she was wrong. A woman, anonymously, confided in Deidre, an adviser to The Sun newspaper, about her desire for a child.

After a complicated first pregnancy and the birth of her daughter 18 months ago, her husband had undergone a vasectomy. However, her desires for motherhood resurfacing, she finds herself having to mourn this project.

Confident of her decision

Desperate and upset, this is the state in which a young mother is faced with her desire to become a mother, a second time. “I am 33 years old and my husband is 35. Our daughter is 18 months old,” she wrote. “I had a difficult pregnancy and birth and I swore I wouldn’t want another baby,” she continued. As she does not tolerate the pill well and her husband is not a fan of condoms, he agrees to undergo a vasectomy.

Immediate regrets

But the very moment he is operated on, she realizes that she made a mistake in suggesting this solution to him. “I prayed it failed,” she said. Months pass and, despite “many unprotected relationships”, she is unable to get pregnant. “I want to give our daughter a brother. I am desperate at the idea of ​​not having another baby, ”she confided. “How can I live with what I have done? she wondered.

Seek a medical solution

In her answer, Deidre wanted to be pragmatic. “Don’t blame yourself,” she noted. “At the time, you made the right decision,” she tried to remind him. Inviting her to talk with her husband about her feelings, she also suggested that he ask her clearly if he too wanted another child. “He may be able to get his condition reversed. Or there could be another type of medical intervention possible,” she concluded.

TESTIMONY I encouraged my husband to have a vasectomy and I regret it because I want another child


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