This young man is completely shocked since he discovered a terrible family secret: his sister is actually his biological mother!

Adam (first name) saw his life change overnight. At the age of 21, the young man discovered that his relatives lied to him. For good reason, his big sister Grace, 40, is actually his biological mother. Following this incredible revelation, he tried to confront her, in vain. As he says on the Reddit forum, his eldest has been ignoring him for 5 months now: “My ‘parents’ pretended to be my parents because according to what they told me, it was better for not everyone like Grace was ready to be a mom. Ever since that day, I’ve been waiting to hear her side of the story but she decided to block me.”

At worst, Adam confided in one of his relatives: “Last weekend, I drank beers with my cousin. I was drunk and I started crying. asked what was wrong and I told her everything. Nobody knew anything in my family. Now everyone knows and some people have contacted Grace to tell her that she at least owes me an explanation.” In the aftermath, Grace’s husband learned the truth about her hidden son and they had a falling out. The latter left to isolate himself in his family: “Grace called my ‘parents’ crying to tell them. She says it’s my fault because I didn’t want to move on.”

A family secret deemed cruel by internet users

At the end of his message, Adam wondered if he had done the right thing to reveal this secret to the rest of the family. Internet users strongly defended him in the comments. “You didn’t reveal ‘her truth’, you revealed your truth. You have the right to share any detail of your life if you wish”, “This situation must have been difficult and confusing for her at 19 years old but now she’s in her 40s. She should have the maturity to handle all of this without blocking her brother/son,” “Every child has the right to know who their biological parents are. Period. The fact that Grace and your ‘parents’ kept this information to themselves is unfair if not cruel,” the post read.


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