Morgan Hellquist was particularly shocked to learn the truth about her gynecologist! The practitioner was actually her biological father and had kept the secret for years.

At 36, Morgan Hellquist learned that her gynecologist, Dr. Morris Wortman, was actually her biological father. A real shock! “All this time, he knew it and I didn’t,” she said in tears on Good Morning America. To understand the facts, you have to go back to January 1985. At the time, the young woman’s adoptive father, Gary, became paraplegic after a motorcycle accident. With his wife, Jo Ann, they therefore called on the services of the practitioner for artificial insemination. According to information reported by the New York Post, the couple agreed to pay him $50 three times a month in order to obtain an anonymous sperm donation from a medical student. In reality, they received that of the gynecologist.

At the age of 8, Morgan knew that she was the fruit of a sperm donation. The young woman grew up grateful to Doctor Wortman for helping her parents start a family. She respected him so much that she became his patient in 2012. After her adoptive father died, the mother-of-two took a DNA test and discovered she was half-Jewish, like her gynecologist. In the process, she also found a half-brother, David Berry. Their story was totally similar. After meeting in person, they were shocked to learn that they had no less than seven other half-siblings.

The gynecologist finds himself in court

In New York State, abusive insemination is not an act recognized as sexual assault. From then on, Morgan is the only one of her half-siblings who can attack their biological father for posing as his gynecologist: “I did not file a case for fertility fraud but because he m touched without my consent.” In September 2021, the young woman therefore filed a complaint against the practitioner for professional misconduct, lack of informed consent, assault, fraud, negligence and emotional distress. In her complaint, she also seeks unspecified damages. Despite this painful situation, she said she was delighted to have built a nice relationship with her new siblings.


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