In March 2017, Claire Barnes Northcott met Leury. At the time, the 35-year-old Briton had just landed in the Dominican Republic to attend a friend’s wedding. “He was a diving instructor and lived there. We started dating,” she told The Sun. The two lovebirds begin a long distance relationship. A year later, his companion kneels on the ground. A few weeks after their engagement, the couple discovers that they are expecting a happy event: “We have agreed that I will stay in the UK until the baby is born in order to be close to my family, then that I’m moving to the Caribbean for our dream wedding and our new life together.”

Soon-to-be mum, Claire is thrilled: “It was so exciting. We wrote to each other and chatted every day. He seemed dedicated and we were in constant contact. I felt like I knew where he was every minute of the day – we were closer than any couple I knew.” Happier than ever, the Englishwoman resigns, gets rid of the things she doesn’t want to take and puts her house up for rent. “When I gave birth to our daughter Mickayley, Leury immediately saw her on a video call. He was totally gaga, just like me. He told me he loved me and was proud of me. me,” she continues. Unfortunately, her happiness will be short-lived.

Her fiancé’s neighbor reveals a sad truth

“The next day, my perfect life was shattered,” confesses Claire. And to add: “One of the neighbors of Leury in the Dominican Republic sent me a message on Facebook with photos of her half naked with Leury. She told me that they slept together since the beginning of our relationship but that she was waiting for the birth of the baby to tell me. She decides to confront her fiancé, who confesses his infidelity to her: “I never would have imagined that he would do that, even in my worst nightmares. I trusted him completely. He always told me that he had never nothing to hide. He tricked me, my family and my friends.” The Briton calls off the wedding and is now a single mother: “I’m focused on rebuilding my life, with my loved ones supporting me.”

TESTIMONY I discovered that my fiancé was cheating on me with his neighbor one day after giving birth


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