When Natalie Kendall caught her boyfriend cheating on her, the young woman immediately chose revenge. Ten years later, the young woman has no regrets, even if this story marked her for a long time…

It was a classic story, a boy meets a girl, they like each other and start a love affair. Natalie Kendall was 22 when she met her ex-boyfriend. Then living in Shrewsbury in Shropshire, she crossed paths with Jason “He worked behind the bar of a bowling alley. That’s where we met because I used to go there with my friends.”

Between the two young people, the current flows and Natalie changes her habits “After our meeting, I started going there every week, either with a friend or alone, to chat with Jason while I had a drink” adding ” I really liked him. It wasn’t anything really special yet but I felt like it was getting there. I thought we were starting something good”. But after three months, the change occurs.

The lie too many

“We got along very well and got closer pretty quickly. Then all of a sudden he got cold with me and stopped answering me so much.” An attitude that Natalie finds strange and which is beginning to worry her. “One night he told me he was working so I thought, ‘I’m going to come down to see him at work and have a drink with my friends. But when she arrives, Natalie understands that Jason lied to her. That evening, he does not work “He was with friends and this girl who apparently also worked there, and I came across them smooching”. Immediately, Natalie sees red and understands that Jason has been lying to her for some time “He kept pushing me away saying “No, I’m really busy baby, I want to see you” and stuff like that. He made me cling to false hopes.” For the young woman, the kiss acts as a detonator “I felt really hurt and I was boiling with anger”. In the company of her three friends, the young woman decides to take revenge on him.

Public humiliation

“I went to the bar and ordered a tall glass of wine which I downed almost in one go then went to the jukebox and found the song Gives You Hell by the All-American Rejects “. When the music starts, Natalie turns up the volume as loud as possible and stands in front of where her ex is installed “I sang at the top of my head while pointing the finger. My friends joined me and we asked other customers to do so as well to make it very clear that this guy had done something wrong.” Jason is, according to her, mortified “He wanted the ground to swallow him” and ends up going to a staff area to escape his wrath, which does nothing to stop Natalie “We kept changing until until the song ends and security intervenes”. In the parking lot, Natalie and her friends spot her ex-boyfriend’s car and start the revenge sequel “I picked up everything I could from the ground, clumps of leaves, grass, mud, and I smeared it all over the windshield. We put some under the handle so he could get his hands dirty trying to open it. We didn’t vandalize anything but his car was covered in mud and toilet paper.” Warned, Jason goes out into the parking lot with the security, scaring the group of friends away.

A “useful” revenge

After this public and messy revenge, Natalie confided “I never heard from him again”. Nevertheless, when she wakes up the next day, Natalie feels some remorse “I thought ‘Maybe that was inappropriate’ and calmed down. But Jason made me doubt people’s trust. It made me doubt myself and I didn’t have a date for quite a while after that story.” Now 33 years old and in a relationship for three years, she admitted that she would not be so daring now but did not regret what she had done at the time “I would not react like this now, at the time, I was quite lively. I always find it funny. He deserved it for what he did” adding “It wasn’t horrible, no one was hurt, just a bit of public shame. Looking back, I think it was good for me to have done it.”

TESTIMONY I discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me with his colleague and I had the best idea to get revenge ©

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