When Kristin Shoonveld donated eggs in 1994 to help a couple become parents, she didn’t expect her past to resurface one fine day in 2019. A simple DNA kit was enough to turn her life upside down …

She was just 27 when she donated her eggs. We are in 1994 and Kristin Shoonveld, through this action, hopes to help young couples who are unable to conceive a child.

At that time, Kristin, now 52, ​​confesses, she hadn’t given much thought to the consequences of her action. It was a spontaneous choice, the desire to bring a little hope to those who wanted to start a family.

strong ties

The years passed and Kristin made her living. Although she has never had children herself, Kristin has a boy in her life named Nick. She and Nick met when he was nine years old. The young boy suffers from Down syndrome and Kristin, at that time, works in a special school. Touched by the child, she takes him under her wing and takes care of him. She also meets Nick’s mother, Grace, and the two women strike up a friendly bond. Unfortunately, shortly after, Grace is diagnosed with lung cancer and falls very ill. During her illness, Kristin takes on more responsibility for Nick. Grace died in January 2015.

From friendship to love

After the death of her friend, Kristin continues to be present for Nick but also for her father, Brian “I was just one of the many people who really worried about how Nick and Brian were going to maneuver in life she told People magazine, adding, “I was mostly worried that they were just overwhelmed with grief.” Present and devoted to the poor duo, the ties between Kristin and Brian end up being more tender. By dint of spending time together, they fall in love and get married in 2018. That same year, she officially adopts Nick.

A surprised child

When she adopts the little boy, Kristin reflects on her own family. She is also an adopted child. She, who had already found her biological mother, decides to find out more about this unknown father. She then does a DNA test in the hope of finding him via a home collection kit. On the platform recording the results, Kristin learns that she has a son listed in the database. Immediately, she thinks of a mistake, she has never had a child. But, intrigued, she clicks on his profile and, shocked, notices his very strong resemblance to the young man named Parker Erickson. A young man who had joined the platform to find his biological mother, having been conceived thanks to an egg donation. Mother and son meet “It was just instant love,” she said, while he pointed out that it was “instantly easy to love each other”. Nick, too, was thrilled to meet Parker telling Kristin that he had “always wanted a brother.” After the surprise of this incredible discovery, Kristin slipped “We have established a relationship that will last the rest of our lives”.


TESTIMONY I discovered a family secret after a DNA test
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