Alistair Blake will never forget that night in January 2019. The Australian was sleeping peacefully when he started making strange noises in the middle of the night. Awakened by her husband, Melinda realized that he was the victim of a heart attack. The latter quickly tried to resuscitate him by giving him a cardiac massage. After 20 minutes of effort, the emergency services took over when they arrived. They worked tirelessly to try to bring the man who was already medically dead back to life. In particular, they administered 8 shocks with a defibrillator. An hour and a half later, the sixty-year-old’s heart started again.

“Technically, I was dead for 90 minutes. I remember going to bed on Saturday night and then waking up in intensive care for cardiology on Thursday,” Alistair told the Daily Star. And to add: “My brain blocked what happened in the meantime.” But what has he been through during this time? A question to which he did not fail to answer: “A lot of people ask me if I saw something, but that’s not the case. No light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a shame not don’t know what’s going on in the afterlife, but that doesn’t bother me, as long as I’m alive and healthy.”

His vision of life evolves after having been close to death

Taken care of in the emergency room, Alistair was diagnosed with heart disease. The Australian was then operated on so that the doctors put a pacemaker on him as a precaution. After twelve days of hospitalization, the sexagenarian was able to return home. A misadventure that completely changed his way of understanding life. “You take a totally different approach. I decided to work less and be closer to my family and friends. I changed my eating habits. I eat healthier and exercise. is the time to leave, it had to happen” he concluded.

TESTIMONY I died for 90 minutes and this is what I saw during that time


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