When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, taking inspiration from family members is a fairly common practice. Whether it is to pay homage to a parent, grandparent or other close members, some children are named after a loved and respected person.

However, a woman has left her half-sister furious after announcing that she plans to name her baby boy after someone who is technically no longer part of their family: her ex-husband .

A promising name

It is online, on a Reddit forum, that the young woman, anonymously, has chosen to tell her story and the trouble sown within her family. A “war” around the first name of her future little boy, coming from an old promise that she wishes to honor despite everything. In the preamble, she noted: “I have two daughters and I am currently expecting a son with my husband Max”. His half-sister, Alice, was married to Rob. Over the years, Rob and Max became good friends to the point that when Alice and Rob welcomed their first child, they chose to name him Max.

A very painful divorce

“We always said we would return the favor,” she wrote. However, the years pass and Alice and Rob experience a “nasty divorce” about three years ago after she finds out her husband was having an affair. “After that, I stopped hanging out so much with Rob,” she confided, adding that her husband and he were, on the other hand, still very close. “That brings us to today,” she commented. “Max’s brother gave us a wooden work with our son’s name as a Christmas present,” she added. In view of this present, the couple decides to publicly announce the chosen first name.

A lack of respect

“We decided to go ahead with a variation of Rob’s first name. We revealed the name on Facebook and immediately started receiving comments,” she said. “My stepmom and Alice started blowing up my phone, telling me I couldn’t name my baby by that name,” she revealed. They said it was a lack of respect. “I pointed out that Alice and Rob shared custody of the children, so he was still alive for her,” she said. But this reflection does not pass.

A firm and definitive choice

The young woman and Max refuse to change the first name. “He was on our mind from the start,” she confided. “Alice is not talking to me at the moment and I feel uncomfortable going to my parents’ house for Christmas because I don’t want to argue in front of the children,” she continued. According to her, Alice is too sensitive because she is still hurt by this affair. In the comments following her message, many people agreed with her half-sister, given the deception and the end of their union.

Very strong opinions

A first person didn’t mince words: “It’s disgusting that you want to celebrate the name of a person who betrayed your sister or attach your child to this person”. A second slipped: “Your lack of empathy towards your sister is staggering. A man she thought she was spending her life with, with whom she had children, began an affair that shattered her life and that of her children forever. It’s not hard to see why your sister doesn’t want her nephew named after someone who has caused her pain and grief.” Finally, a third concluded: “Alice and Rob named their child after one of you and you wanted to return the favor. But a cheating divorce should negate that vague obligation, right? Why not name your child Allan after your sister instead? “.

TESTIMONY I decided to call my son after my sister's ex-husband


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