This mother of four has made a drastic decision regarding her latest newborn. The piece of cabbage will not be washed for a month!

Unlike some moms, Shahnta Hoare does not intend to give her son Ozzy a bath for a whole month. A decision she fully assumes. “My husband and I have decided not to bathe our son because of the health benefits. It helps newborn babies regulate their body temperature with skin-to-skin contact, it provides a protective barrier in addition to also be antimicrobial,” the 24-year-old told the New York Post. The American, originally from Silverdale, Washington, shared her approach on TikTok. A video that quickly reached 10 million views.

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Shahnta thus explained the reasons why she preferred to keep the vernix caseosa on the skin of the little Ozzy. This whitish and viscous substance that envelops the body of the baby when it comes into the world: “In reality, it is important to keep this liquid on the skin of infants. It is really very hydrating. My son had it in his hollow of his neck, on his ears, his fingers and his toes. It’s the best.” According to the World Health Organization, you should wait 6 to 24 hours before washing your child after birth. For some experts, a week is the ideal maximum period.

“A month? It’s not possible”

As you will have understood, Shahnta’s approach is divisive. Internet users have reacted strongly to his revelations. “A month? It’s not possible” launched one of them, while another outbid: “If my baby is not perfectly clean, I will not touch it.” Far from letting the critics down, the mum said: “You’ll change your mind when it’s your own child. Infants aren’t dirty…their skin is very fragile and delicate so it can get wet. very easy to dry out. But if you want to clean your baby by giving them a bath before you even touch them, that’s your choice.”


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