What name to give to his child? This is a question that many parents ask themselves during the months preceding the birth. While some know from the outset how they will baptize their offspring, others remain undecided until the last minute, to the point of lacking enthusiasm when the decision is finally made. This is the case of Mairéad, a British mother followed by 188,000 subscribers on TikTok. Following the viral video of comedian Gabby Lamby, who asks parents if they regret the first name given to their child, Mairéad reacted by explaining that it had taken time to make the name of her son, that she had chosen out of spite.

“I no longer regret my children’s first name today, because I think it suits them well and I can’t imagine them with another name”, begins the mother before adding: “When we had our son, everyone around us had boys, whether it was our family or our friends. And all the male names that were at the top of my list had been taken.” Mairéad and her husband, Lee, were still hesitant to use one of the first names already taken for their boy before becoming “paranoid” thinking that it looked like they had “copied”.

“I wanted it so badly”

“Finally, we agreed on a fairly common name, which no one had taken around us”, explains the mother before admitting that this choice had been quite brutal for her. “I think for the first six months I cried almost every day regretting my decision. I was so angry with myself, I found that the first name did not suit him”, she confides before adding: “But as I said, today, I no longer regret it!”. One of the Internet users then reacted by indicating: “You said everything except the first name”. To which Mairéad replied: “Sorry, we thought our subscribers knew. We really wanted to call our son Max, and we ended up going with James.”

TESTIMONY I cried for months so much I regretted my son's name


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