Elizabeth and Ed are the proud parents of 10 children, including 7 biological and 3 adoptive from the same family. It was by becoming a foster family that the American couple was able to meet Bentley and Lincoln, then Charlee, all three placed in foster care from the first months of their lives due to the addictive behavior of their parents. “The parents had lost all visitation rights by the time we had the boys, so we knew straight away that they would probably be available for adoption,” Elizabeth told Kidspot. If the mother saw the arrival of Bentley and Lincoln in the family as obvious, there was still a small detail that bothered her. Neither she nor her husband Ed liked the boys’ names. “They had car names, and we found it dehumanizing to have an object name,” says Elizabeth, who adopted the two boys when they were 18 and 6 months old.

Once the formalities were settled, the parents hastened to officially give new first names to the two brothers. “Kolbe, formerly Bentley, is named after St Maximilian Kolbe. I didn’t know this, but he’s the patron saint of drug addicts, which seems very fitting since their birth family struggles with drug addiction. Justin, formerly Lincoln, means upright and just, which we hope he will be when he becomes a man,” Elizabeth says.

What does the biological mother say?

Changes to which even the biological mother of the boys adapted, who ended up bonding with Elizabeth. The agreement between the two women is such that the biological mother even asked her new friend to adopt her future child. At only two days old, little Charlee therefore entered the home of Ed and Elizabeth, before being officially adopted a year later, and being called Charlotte. She didn’t have a car name though…

TESTIMONY I changed the names of my two adopted children


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