Married for 15 beautiful years, Vincent (assumed first name) has always trusted his wife. The 47-year-old man was therefore never worried when his neighbor started to do work in their house. “He is a carpenter so he often comes to take measurements,” he wrote in a letter sent to Deidre Sanders, the Sun’s regular adviser. And to add: “We have known him for a few years and we get along well. He is married and has two children.” The forty-something specifies that he never felt threatened by the latter. Everything changed when, on returning from work, he surprised the duo in a suspicious posture.

That day, Vincent stayed home because he was sick. “I went down to the basement to watch television. Earlier, I had heard my wife talking with someone. As there was a great silence, I concluded that the person had left” specifies t -he. Upon entering the living room, the forties fell on his companion and the neighbor, dozing side by side on the sofa, covered with a plaid: “They jumped. They were both dressed. ‘Oh my God! ‘ exclaimed my wife. ‘We must have fallen asleep.'” If his spouse denied all infidelity, assuring that she had taken a blanket because of the cold, the man is skeptical: “I have the felt like a fool.”

Did his wife really commit infidelity?

In her response, Deidre Sanders acknowledged that his wife’s story seemed a bit “far-fetched.” The expert, however, wanted to moderate her remarks: “That does not necessarily mean that she is lying. As you say, they were fully dressed and knew that you were at home. to his version of the facts.” The specialist added, “If you’re happily married, and you’ve never had any reason not to trust her, maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s bound to be on the defensive if you accuse her of infidelity (…) Couples therapy can certainly help you and allow her to open up, especially if she is hiding something from you.”

TESTIMONY I caught my wife with the neighbor but she denies any infidelity


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