Surprise her husband and sister frolicking in her kitchen. This is the terrible betrayal experienced by a young woman. That day, she came home early from work. “I saw my sister’s car and thought she was dropping off some food from her job,” she shared on Reddit. Unfortunately, she came across her completely naked husband and sister. A real shock: “As soon as I understood what I had seen, I got back in my car and left. I did not stop driving until I found the hotel in which I I am right now. I don’t want to believe it and I don’t know what to do.”

The young woman also expressed how hurt she is: “My sister, my only family and my best friend, the one who is supposed to be there for me and support me. My husband, my person, my other half, the one who is supposed to love me and respect me. The two most important people in my life ruined everything. Furious, she did not hesitate to block them on her mobile phone: “I don’t want to hear the shitty excuses that they will find. I don’t want to confront them. I want to go back to this morning when everything was fine.” Unsurprisingly, this testimony sparked strong reactions on the social network.

Betrayed by her husband and sister, she receives an outpouring of support

In the comments, many Internet users sympathized with the young woman. “Wishing you the best and sending you strength”, “My heart breaks for you. It’s heartbreaking”, “I’m so sorry for you. I can’t imagine the pain and anger you must be feeling right now. I hope you can get out of this marriage – run and don’t look back. Fuck them,” the post read. Other people advised her to record apology messages from her husband and sister on her answering machine to use as evidence for her divorce.

TESTIMONY I caught my husband and my sister completely naked in my kitchen


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