Thanks to smartphones, it is now possible to know where everyone is at all times. Sometimes very useful information that many choose to share with their family or closest friends for security reasons. Others, on the other hand, do not appreciate this prospect at all, considering it strange.

Anonymously, a woman approached members of the Mumsnet site to ask if she and her husband were being unreasonable in sharing their position. Indeed, one of her friends having noticed that she was checking the position of her husband, reacted as if she had done “something horrible”, which is now questioning her.

Absolute confidence

“It’s the same for both of us. We have been sharing our location 24/7 for a few years now,” she wrote. “I can always see where my husband is and vice versa. This is extremely useful and we have it enabled for very practical reasons, if we are running late etc. she justified herself. The young woman specified that it was in no way a question of spying on the other. According to her, between the two partners, there has never been the slightest suspicion of infidelity and their trust is absolute.

A surprising gesture

“We are both happy with our arrangement but I told a friend the other day. I quickly checked to see if my husband was still at home. I looked at my phone and she reacted as if what I was doing was really horrible. Her friend seems stunned by her gesture and does not hesitate to tell her that she is too abusive towards her spouse. “I’ve spoken to several friends since and I’ve had very mixed reactions,” she confessed. “Some couples do the same thing, others thought it was very strange,” she noted.

Intrusive or useful?

“Are we being unreasonable? Is this a strange invasion of another’s privacy? she asked. There too, the reactions were mixed, some people thinking that this affair only concerned the couple, others finding this surveillance strange. “I don’t have my husband’s location and he doesn’t have mine. However, I have my 15-year-old daughter’s and she has mine,” noted one woman. A second slipped “My husband has never asked me for my location but if he did, I will share it”. Finally, one person remarked that they saw the flaws but also used it as a family, commenting: “We do the same thing. Our whole family shares their locations for convenience.”

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