Last confessions. The name of Jeffrey Dahmer came out of the shadows recently following the broadcast, on Netflix, of a series retracing his life. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. And the streaming platform continued to ride on the success of fiction inspired by real events with the broadcast of a documentary series just after, the Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes. But we must not forget that behind the character who has fascinated for some time is a cannibal killer responsible for the deaths of 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. A man who, after being sentenced, obviously found faith and decided to officially convert. This is where Roy Ratcliff, an American pastor who confided in the Sun about his relationship with the cannibal from Milwaukee, comes into play.

When contacted by another pastor asking if he was okay with baptizing a prisoner, Roy Ratcliff didn’t expect to hear the name Jeffrey Dahmer when asked who it was. But that didn’t stop him from agreeing. As he explains to The Sun, he didn’t know much about the serial killer case and didn’t start asking about it until his wife told him “he has to learn about it. more about Dahmer”. The pastor adds, “When I first met him, I didn’t know all the sordid details and I think it was better that way, so that I wouldn’t arrive full of prejudice.” He also remembers this first meeting very well: “Jeff entered the room, closed the door then shook my hand and he sat down in front of me. I was impressed by his courtesy. and his cooperation. He was considerate, which surprised me. Since he had killed several people, I had expected to see a more brutal person.”

Pastor saddened by the death of Jeffrey Dahmer

When Roy Ratcliff agreed to baptize him, Jeffrey Dahmer said he was relieved that the pastor did not refuse on the pretext that he had been “too evil”. But the clergyman was not refused to help a man seeking to repent, even if he confessed to having eaten the biceps of one of his victims… During their meetings and their conversations, Roy Ratcliff came to regard Jeffrey Dahmer as a friend, with whom he would remain “until one was old and needed a cane to get around”. A strange relationship during which the pastor, under the pretext that Dahmer had found his god, perhaps a little too quickly put aside the many victims of the killer and the empathy he could have felt towards their families. He explains that when Dahmer was killed by a fellow prisoner, “I felt sad because I had lost a friend”.

TESTIMONY. "I baptized Jeffrey Dahmer, he told me about his cannibalism and we became friends"

Jeffrey Dahmer © RMC

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