The famous serial-killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been talking about him for several weeks. In question ? The Netflix series Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer which continues to top the Top 10. The latter also took advantage of the success of fiction with Evan Peters to unveil a new documentary. Entitled Jeffrey Dahmer: Self-Portrait of a Killer, it was released on October 7. The opportunity for new generations to learn more about the man who agitated the chronicle in the 80s. Members of his entourage also took the floor to share their experience with the one who was nicknamed the “cannibal of Milwaukee”.

The pastor who baptized Jeffrey Dahmer said the cannibalistic serial killer told him gruesome details about his crimes. Surprisingly, the two men, however, became friends. Roy Ratcliff even revealed that he felt “grief” when the criminal was brutally murdered. It was his fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver who killed him with an iron bar. The serial killer was serving a life sentence for the chilling murders of 17 young men. Before his death, however, he claimed to have found God.

A friendship between a pastor and a criminal born in prison

Another pastor asked Roy Ratcliff if he would baptize Dahmer. After several reluctances at the idea of ​​being in the same room as a murderer, Roy finally agreed to proceed with the baptism. The man said at the time he was ‘relatively ignorant’ of the details of the 30-something’s crimes and it was only when his wife told him ‘you should find out more about him’ that he started read more on the subject. In April 1994, the pastor went to the prison for the first time to meet with Jeffrey Dahmer. “He was considerate, which surprised me. Since he killed people, I thought he would be rougher, but he was soft, from what I could see. “Reported Roy to our colleagues from the Sun.

As their conversation progressed, the prisoner began to open up about the dark aspects of his crimes, especially his cannibalism. “He confessed to me that he had eaten the biceps of one of his victims. “remembered Roy. Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized on May 10, 1994 in a hot tub used to treat inmates when they hurt their backs. The two continued to see each other to study the Bible and formed a friendship that Roy believed would last into their old age. “We think of him as a crazy maniac, a monster. But he was more human than what we give him,” concluded Roy Ratcliff.

TESTIMONY I baptized Jeffrey Dahmer he told me about his cannibalism and we became friends


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