They had been trying to conceive for nine months. This young woman of 28 years was therefore in heaven when her pregnancy test was finally positive. Unfortunately, his happiness was short-lived. And for good reason, her 27-year-old husband made a terrible revelation to her when she told him the good news. “In the face of my husband’s silence, I understood that something was wrong. He admitted to me that he had impregnated his 26-year-old colleague and that she was already entering her sixth month. It was as if someone hit in the stomach. He kept talking, explaining to me that he wanted to be sincere with me,” she confided in a letter sent to Deidre Sanders, the Sun’s appointed adviser.

After confronting her husband, the young woman learned the details of this infidelity. Her husband faulted at a company party: “He told me he was really drunk and barely remembered what had happened.” In a few minutes, the twenty-something therefore saw her life change and her condition deteriorate: “I went from the joy of being pregnant to not wanting a baby anymore. My health declined and I lost a lot of weight. My friends were worried but I couldn’t tell them the truth so I said I had morning sickness.” Since the birth of the two children, the young man has had no contact with his daughter, the baby he had with his colleague: “She does not want him to be involved in the life of the baby.”

Working together to rebuild trust

A difficult situation to digest for the young woman. Currently on maternity leave with her 3-month-old son, she cannot forgive her husband’s betrayal: “I know he’s sorry but I’m at my lowest.” Faced with his distress, Deidre Sanders advised him to speak openly with his companion: “Obviously, you have a strong bond with your partner because neither of you has left. But you seem to have reached an impasse. , things won’t get better if you don’t tell him how you feel.” The expert then let him know that it was not too late to “restore trust” between them. She also suggested that he do therapy “together or separately”.

TESTIMONY I announced my pregnancy to my husband, he confessed to having impregnated his colleague


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