Mia Wilson, originally from Brooklyn in New York, is much taller than her husband Andrue Kahn. A situation which, surprisingly, poses a problem around them.

Since they met, Mia Wilson and Andrue Kahn spin the perfect love. But on a daily basis, they are the subject of inappropriate remarks because she is taller than him. In an essay published on the Jezebel site, the young woman confided in this detail which seems to disturb more than one: “My husband is 1m65 tall and I am 1m83 tall – a difference in height of 18 centimeters which would not be seen absolutely not if the roles were reversed but apparently it’s very alarming and confusing for some people.” A week before her wedding, she admits that one of her friends had even advised her not to marry her other half because of her short stature.

Despite the heavy innuendos of her relatives on this subject, Mia has never been embarrassed by her size difference with her companion. In her column, she explains that it is generally the people around them who are uncomfortable. Some even go so far as to ask them how they make love, others do not hesitate to approach them in the middle of the street to find out if they are brothers and sisters. When they announced their marriage in the local newspaper, one of the employees contacted the New Yorker to ask if she wanted to change the photo they had chosen to illustrate the article because their height difference was very noticeable .

“I don’t see my husband’s size and he doesn’t see mine”

At the end of her essay, Mia persists and signs: “The truth is that I don’t see my husband’s size and he doesn’t see mine. He is brilliant, caring, deeply good and funny. I don’t don’t have to lift my head to kiss her to validate my gender identity.” The young woman keeps repeating it, she completely assumes the fact of being taller than her husband. She would also like this controversy not to be one: “If my companion was bigger and I was smaller, we would always have the same dreams for our future and we would always make the same jokes (…) I would love the same way.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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