Can we really love an object? Sarah Rodo is convinced! The young woman, originally from Dortmund in Germany, also spins the perfect love with a plane.

Object sexuality is a little known sexual tendency and yet it really exists. Like Sarah Rodo who identifies as an objectophile. In other words, she sexually desires inanimate objects. The 23-year-old has an irresistible attraction to airplanes, especially Boeing 737s. “I’ve been drawn to objects since I was a teenager. I noticed it when I was 14,” she said. thus confided during an interview with the Daily Star. The German also revealed that she slept every night with a replica of the device: “My plane is called Dicki and it takes up almost all the space in my bed.”

Contrary to popular belief, Sarah has already dated humans. However, she only feels complete with planes. “I had two relationships with men because I wasn’t sure about my sexual orientation. I soon realized that I couldn’t have romantic feelings for people. Now I know that I’m an objectophile and I assume” she confessed. And to add: “I noticed that I was not attracted to people when I did not want to cuddle or be intimate with them. It’s different with my objects because I really want to hug them in my arms and being intimate – it’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“These planes are very sexy to me”

Sarah regularly travels around Europe to board her Boeing 737: “I love everything about him, especially his face, his wings and his engine. These planes are very sexy to me. I travel often so I can feel and hear it. When I’m with my 737, I’m in heaven. I love it so much, I feel safe with it and I want to spend all my time with it.” In addition to having two tattoos in her honor, the young woman hopes to marry with the device: “Some people do not understand my love but my friends took my coming out very well and they encouraged me. I would like to marry her but it is forbidden in Germany.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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