Horrified by the “atrocious” first name of her niece, a young woman asked the opinion of Internet users on the Reddit forum.

When you choose a first name for your child, you have to make sure that it will not be contrary to their interests. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Witness the story of Daniela (assumed name), who openly hates the name her sister gave her daughter. The young woman, however, began by giving a little context. “My sister was never close to my family because she moved to Los Angeles to become an influencer. Before giving birth, she told us she was considering names like Elizabeth, Ashley, Ella or Anna. My mother was really happy because she always criticizes parents who give strange names to their babies,” she said on Reddit.

Following her testimony, Daniela revealed that her niece was named Kynzlynleigha Everella: “I saw that my sister had made her announcement on Instagram and I was horrified. It took my breath away because I I’ve never seen a name so difficult to pronounce.” The young woman also described the reaction of her family, who did not at all validate the choice of her eldest: “My parents were very surprised and disappointed. We called my sister and told her that her baby was going to be born. harassed but she hung up on us. I know it’s her child but the name is awful.”

This first name considered “atrocious” makes the Web react

Unsurprisingly, many Internet users commented on the post. Most of them sided with Daniela, lamenting that the child was sure to get teased growing up. “I’ve worked in a lot of preschools to know that poor Kynzlynleigha is going to cry a lot to learn to spell her first name. She’ll probably pick a nickname real quick,” “This child will be in CM1 before she knows how to write her own first name”, “This child’s life will not be easy. This first name is at the same level as those of the children of Elon Musk [X Æ A-XII and Exa Dark Siderael]” we could read under the publication.

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