Between Laura O’Sullivan and Terrell Ravon Reese, it all started in October 2021. The Briton from Bristol came into contact with the American via an application which allows inmates to have a correspondent outside the prison. After two months of virtual relationship, the thirty-something made his marriage proposal to him by telephone. The young woman, who is a single mother of four children, did not hesitate to say yes. “I thought it was completely crazy and crazy but I couldn’t control my feelings or stop my heart. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of,” she told the Daily Mirror.

Terrell was convicted of second degree murder when he was 18. With the help of a friend, the young man had organized the sale of a car to rob another Detroit teenager. But his accomplice shot the victim before fleeing. In 2009, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison at the Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Institution in Michigan. A past that did not cool Laura: “I immediately thought ‘Damn’ because it’s horrible. But he didn’t pull the trigger. He was young and stupid, in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he is now behind bars for much of his life.”

40 years in prison but a very solid love!

Laura, who is a part-time caregiver for her autistic son, is looking forward to meeting Terrell in person. As soon as her papers are ready, the Englishwoman will take her tickets to join him in the United States in order to marry him in his remand center. In the meantime, they talk daily on the phone, write letters to each other and have even tattooed their respective first names on their hands. The young woman is fulfilled and does not care much about criticism: “People tell me that I am stupid but they are not educated. My feelings are so strong, I could not have dreamed of better.” Asked in turn, the future groom confided that his darling was a “beautiful human being with a beautiful soul.”



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