A student from Colorado has an extremely rare disorder. She is allergic… to semen!

At 18, Chloe Lowery suffers from sperm hypersensitivity. This rare disorder is caused by sensitization to proteins found in human seminal fluid. A pathology that has very serious consequences. When the student comes into contact with the seed of a man, the reactions are dazzling. Redness and burning sensations. “Basically, I’m allergic to sex,” she told Kennedy News. The practice of oral sex is also particularly dangerous for her: “I had sperm in my mouth during a report and I found myself with my face paralyzed for 3 hours.”

“For a month, I couldn’t show my emotions anymore. It was as if I had been anesthetized by my dentist,” continues Chloe. Fortunately, the student ended up regaining the functions of her face. Over time, the American student had to deal with other symptoms: “I also had a vaginal reaction and I felt a burning sensation. It happens every time I have sperm in me. Even if the quantity is minimal. If the young woman thought for a long time of an STD, the doctors confirmed to her that it was indeed an allergy. From now on, condoms have become essential to him.

An allergy that she learns to tame

When Chloe discovered her sperm allergy, the young woman was afraid to talk about it with her sexual partners. She later discovered that they were generally very open-minded: “I have to tell them that there are certain things that I cannot do because of my condition. Luckily, they find it rather interesting or funny. It has never been a problem in my relationships. People want to know more so they ask me for details. At first they are skeptical because it is unusual but when I describe my experience, they believe me. They’re more intrigued than anything.” A disorder with which the student learned to live: “There are more serious things in life.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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