Born four years apart, Shelby, a young American, nevertheless claims that she and her two sisters are triplets. In a video posted on TikTok, the young woman made a technical as well as an astral update…

How do you define triplets? A sibling of three children born of the same pregnancy. Yet Shelby, a 28-year-old American, claims to be triplet of her two sisters even though she was born four years later.

On her TikTok account, the young woman returned in detail to her arguments, revealing in passing why her sisters had different astrological signs, even being born at the same time.

The wish to be parents

In a video posted on the famous social network, Shelby explained the worries that her parents had experienced to have children, passing, to concretize their wish, by in vitro fertilization. These first attempts at IVF, his parents began them in the 90s when the method was relatively new. Several embryos are implanted and Shelby’s mother gives birth to two daughters, Courtney and Becca, now 32 years old.

A last attempt

For Courtney and Becca, Shelby’s parents had only used half of the embryos that were available to them. Also, four years later, her parents decide to proceed with a new IVF in the hope of having a last child. “The doctor told my mom it would never work because they were frozen too long,” Shelby confided in the video. “But it ended up being me, I’m a miracle,” she added. Since then, the young woman has considered herself the triplet of her sisters with an unstoppable argument: biology. Indeed, from a “scientific” point of view, Shelby and her sisters, although four years apart, were all conceived at the same time even if the embryos were used separately.

A hell of a mix

In that same video, Shelby revealed that the trio had different star signs, with Shelby being Gemini and her Leo sisters. But the strangest residing in their rising and lunar sign, both in Leo position, joining that of her sisters. Having gone viral, the video has been viewed over 3.5 million times and users have been stunned by the story. In the comments, one follower noted amused: “They put you on the back burner for four years” adding, more seriously “Actually, I’m freaking out because I never really understood how much real human beings like you were in a FREEZER for YEARS”. Others claimed that Shelby looked like a mix of her two older sisters, although Courtney and Becca were nothing alike: “The twins don’t look alike, but somehow you look like both twins!” wrote one of them. “You and Courtney have the same upper half of the face and you and Becca have the same lower half” concluded a last.


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