By becoming stay-at-home mothers, the mental load of women increases even more. In addition to their child, they generally find themselves in charge of the maintenance of the house, meals, shopping… in other words, of all the domestic chores.

Jen Miller, 35, a full-time stay-at-home mom to her two-year-old daughter, has meanwhile defended her choice to employ a nanny despite being home all day. An aid that gives her “the energy and the patience” to be a better mother.

A full time nanny

Since the birth of her daughter Liberty two years ago, Jen Miller, 35, has chosen to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Married to Grant, 39, founder and CEO of a software company in Austin, Texas, the young woman assumes to hire a full-time nanny for additional support during the day. The best way, she says, to have time and space to focus on her self-care routine and gym sessions, leaving her daughter in charge.

Overwhelmed by being alone

“I love being able to give my daughter my full presence as a mom, play with her and give her the attention she deserves,” Jen told the Mirror newspaper. “When the nanny is not there, I feel overwhelmed, as if other things should be put aside,” she added. Acknowledging that she was in an “extremely lucky” position, she slipped: “I recognize that it is a huge privilege to manage the family as we do”.

A solution for everyday life

For Jen, managing the family and the household “is a full-time job”. Also, she was looking for a way to free herself on a daily basis. “Everyone has their own way of managing their family, whether it’s breadwinner, nanny or childcare,” she noted. “I watch other moms on social media manage the household and the family and I think how difficult it is for everyone,” she said. However, according to Jen, “most people don’t show the whole story.”

A timed daily

Every morning, the young mother gets up at 5:30 a.m. to prepare herself and her daughter. She then trains in her home gym, walks the dog and cooks breakfast. When the nanny arrives at 9:30 a.m., she settles into her office to keep up to date with the day’s plans and do all the necessary shopping. Jen works while her daughter plays and then takes a lunch break to try to spend time with her. In the evening, she devotes herself to “mom chores”, games, cleaning and puts her daughter to bed at 6:30 p.m. in order to relax, have dinner and take care of her.

positive feedback

“Having a full-time nanny gives me the energy and patience to be the best mom I can be while taking care of all of our family’s needs,” said Jen. Her daily life, which she regularly shares on TikTok, does not fail to attract many positive comments. “I was so surprised and happy to see people’s support,” she noted. “I was worried that some people wouldn’t understand, but in fact, a lot of people shared their own childcare stories,” she revealed. “Some people have said that I’m not really a stay-at-home mom because I work on projects, but I describe myself as that at the moment,” she concluded.

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