Not all heroes wear capes. Kelly Green, 38, is a mother of 16 children. She meets the one who will become her husband, Tim, on the benches of high school and becomes pregnant shortly after, when she is only 17 years old. “Tim and I were teenagers when I found out I was pregnant. So we had to manage everything upside down, relying on our family and friends to finish school and university”, explains Kelly Green in comments relayed by The Sun. She adds: “We struggled because we were so young, trying to parent and learn about life at the same time.

In total, Kelly and Tim became the parents of 16 children: Amber, 21, Kayla, 20, Morgan, 20, Braylon, 16, Autumn, 16, Narly, 15, Emma, ​​14, Apple , 14, Neveah, 14, Slayton, 14, Kenneth, 14, David, 11, Riley, 9, Charlie, 4, Lucas, 3 and McKinley, one. A large family made up of both biological children and adopted children. “Our original plan was never to adopt, but just to be a foster family,” explains Kelly Green before adding: “Unfortunately our children could not go home, so we decided to adopt because we had become a safe place for them after a few years”.

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“3 to 4 washing machines per day”

Of course, being a mother of so many children is far from easy. “I get up at 5:30 a.m. every morning and I run between 3 and 4 machines a day,” says Kelly Green. “I wake up the children, I prepare breakfast, I first take those who go to primary school, then to college and high school”. And the family is subject to a very precise schedule. “The evening routine is to clean the whole house so that you don’t get overwhelmed the next day, and each child has a specific task to do,” explains the mum. When it comes to food shopping, the family – which pays around $1,400 a month – is limited to the necessary ingredients. “Prepare your meals and plan what you are going to eat (…) buy only what you need,” advises Kelly Green.

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